Raviv is an expert in design and development of valves for different applications. Our valves comply with our customer's highly demanding standards. Raviv, through its daughter company Raval acs Ltd., is a world leading company in the development and production of fuel tank venting systems. The reduced cost we are able to offer our customers is the result of innovations such as converting valves and vacuum actuators from metal into plastic, or encasing valves and sensors together to identify vacuum level, pressure level and other applications.
Raviv's advantages in actuators and valve system are:
  • Using high performance materials to tolerate and support:
    Low and high temperatures
    Resistance to chemicals
    Unique requirements
  • Production of valves with automatic assembly machines and 100% functionality tests on line
  • A competitive price
  • Direct customers - TI Automotive, Dytech, Hutchinson, Cooper standard.
  • Indirect customers - GM, Renault, Fiat