Quality Policy


Raviv defines itself as a developer, manufacturer and supplier of industrial parts and assembled products. Raviv develops and manufactures products for the automotive and other industries, relying on the extensive knowledge acquired over years of operation.


Raviv acts to reserve its position among the world's leading manufacturers in its field.


Raviv's operations are always aimed at profit, economic efficiency and steady improvement.

Customer Oriented

Raviv sees the customer's needs as a decisive factor around which builds its manufacturing process, corporate culture, quality culture, and service culture. Raviv is convinced that the market, as represented by the customer, is the ultimate factor. The correct process always starts from the customer and his needs.

Internal Relations

Raviv perceives its workers as its greatest asset. Raviv believes in its team of workers and sees the partnership as a primary source of the company's strength and competitive advantage.

Continuous Improvement

Raviv maintains the culture of continuous improvement across the whole range of activities, as a foundation upon which it builds its corporate culture. Raviv's management and workers are committed to work in accordance with the principles of the quality policy and social standards.


Raviv encourages creativity and imaginative thinking as a source of interest and motivation for its workers and, at the same time, an important component of the competitive edge that is essential in the modern marketplace.


Raviv promotes cooperation with its customers and suppliers, perceiving such cooperation as a potent tool for its further advancement and for retaining its competitive superiority.


Raviv perceives itself as part of the total of components creating the life environment of its workers, clients and owners. As such, Raviv acts and will continue to tirelessly work towards the prevention of pollution and negative impact on the environment. Raviv continuously invests resources in building adequate substructures, in the assimilation of innovative management methods, the education and instruction of employees, and in raising awareness among suppliers, sub-contractors and related bodies so as to preserve a qualitative and worthy environment - all that subject to the instructions of the law and required standards.


Raviv sees its employees' safety and health as a matter of highest priority. Raviv will take action to provide its employees with a safe work environment, free of health risks and compliant with the instructions of the law and the required standards. Raviv will act to minimize risks to employees, contractors and all those found on its premises.